A Look at High Fashion

Fashion is the art of identifying and copying the fashionable behavior of others. It is basically a mode of self-expression and personal autonomy in a certain cultural milieu and at a certain time, context, and in a certain environment. The art of fashion is used to identify certain clothes, shoes, hairstyles, accessories and other forms of personal life mastery. In its broader sense, the word simply means a unique appearance defined by the fashion industry. However, in fashion parlance, the art of fashion is usually equated with the practice of creating and wearing clothes that are fashionable.


There have been many instances throughout the history of mankind when some people came up with inventive and marvelous ideas to improve the lives of their fellow humans. These ideas were then exploited to make people more comfortable and happy in their surrounding, in other words, to make things fashionable. The rise of the fashion market, which started in the 14th century with the rise of the silk trade, was a product of increased wealth and the rise of new trends. Silk was expensive, making fashionable garments and jewelry extremely affordable, which then led to more people taking an interest in fashion and the creation of new fashions.

However, high fashion fashions are not merely desirable commodities that are desired by people at large. They require extensive skill, expertise, knowledge, imagination, and patience to design, manufacture, and distribute them. High fashion designers must know how to choose fabric, colors, patterns, designs, and materials for various kinds of garments. Additionally, they must have knowledge of what goes into cutting, stitching, gluing, assembling, and what types of fashion products will be profitable to their target audiences.