The newspaper has traditionally been the primary source of local, national and international news. Today the role of the newspaper has changed somewhat, to become part of the information service rather than the news disseminator. However, a newspaper has the duty of imparting unbiased news and information to its readers. It is not an independent news agency like the TV or radio news broadcasts. Newsprint can also be reused to produce newspaper. An abbreviation for news occasion.

news paper

Many papers have changed their format to be more reader friendly. Most of the printed newspapers have ceased printing classified ads in the normal news pages. The online edition of newspapers has also made major changes and introduced a new model, which is better suited to the needs of the modern world. The websites can be accessed anytime from anywhere and the search engine ranking has also seen a boost in the recent past. The internet has become a powerful tool for e-newspapers.

The popularity of the online journals has seen a huge rise in the recent past, and most of the e-newspapers are based on the same model of business like the online editions of business magazines. The new model of business publication has seen tremendous success and popularity in the recent past. Many prominent publications published by various news papers have gone online and created a fad for online news. The online newspapers are also very successful and many people still read the classified ads section of the local newspaper.