Slot Wide Receivers


Slot is the name for the position of a wide receiver in football. It is a position that allows the quarterback to attack all three levels of the defense without having to use an additional wide receiver or tight end.

Players that are drafted or signed as slot receivers are generally considered to have a special skill set. They can do things that most wide receivers cannot, such as stretching the defense vertically off pure speed or running shorter routes in the route tree.

They can also make a lot of catches in the slot area and often get the ball down field for a long gain. This can be a huge benefit to the offense, especially when they are facing a tough linebacker or secondary.

A slot receiver can be an important part of any offensive scheme and has a significant impact on the game. It is one of the most versatile positions in football, as it gives the quarterback a reliable option when throwing the ball and also acts as an extra blocker in passing situations.

The slot receiver can also be a very big decoy when the offense runs a running play. This can be done by having the slot receiver run a pre-snap motion that moves him in the direction of the quarterback’s pre-snap motion.

Besides having the right amount of speed, a slot receiver needs to have excellent hands and be reliable. This makes them ideal for the position, as they receive a lot of targets and have to absorb a lot of contact when catching the ball.