Types of Sports Betting


The most popular types of sports betting involve fantasy leagues and pools. While most of these are run by friends and coworkers, Internet-based companies offer larger versions of these activities. Pools can range from predictions of week’s games to tournaments. Some pools even involve a lot of lottery style betting in which participants choose players, rather than actual teams. While the odds for these games might be lower than those of a lottery, they still pay out more.

Other types of sports betting are moneylines, point spreads, and totals. While most of these bets are made after a game has started, In-Play bets are placed during the game. These types of wagers are also referred to as action or sports wagers. They are most popular for NFL football, basketball, baseball, and hockey games. While many bettors are unfamiliar with this type of betting, it is a fun way to get involved in sports and increase your excitement level.

In sports betting, the point spread is a way to even out a game’s odds. Point spreads are assigned to games based on the difference between predicted and actual scores. In most cases, you can bet on a favorite or an underdog, but only if the oddsmaker thinks their team will win the game. A favorite team, on the other hand, will win the game by a specified margin, while an underdog can bet on the underdog to win the game.